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Terceira 's traditional gastronomy (as with any other Portuguese rural cuisine) is based on bread and a subsistence agriculture, alongside with pig meat and its by-products. Or with fish, if closer to the coast. Red meat (cow), chicken and eggs were only eaten during festive days and they were not accompanied with side dishes. Therefore, on Hammer's Farm we offer our visitors the side dishes of their preference: yams, sweet potatoes, French fries, rice or salads made from biologically grown farm products.

Nevertheless, we always suggest which side dish better the main course that our visitors have chosen. In addition, our Tourist Menu was designed having in mind a traditional everyday meal from a wealthy rural estate from last century. All our meals are prepared in a wood burning oven just as tasty as our grandparents used to make them. Even our Starters are made up of traditional snacks usually eaten during bullfights and religious/profane festivities.

The Birth of a Restaurant:

It all starts with a small and rural grocery store. In the beginning, there was a wall that separated the men's room ("botequim") from the room where children and women would go shopping (" venda "). There, one can still see picturesque storing tools: granaries, cans, jars, cupboards, kegs, scales, olive oil and kerosene pumps, coffee and spice mills, a salt depot, tobacco and all the appropriate grocery store adornments.

The back-room was initially used as a simple storage room. Later on it evolved into something of a private room ("reservados") where small groups and assemblies of men gathered to play games. Besides the games, the men also used to sample the nibbles made by the housewife. This is how these primitive taverns came to be known for the owner or cook's name.

So, the Ti Manel da Quinta's grocery store was born. Obviously, with time, the owner figured some things out: first, that good food was a profitable business; second, that these groups of men often dragged along a very unpleasant neighbourhood. He also realized that he needed new storage rooms as well as rooms where he could add tables and chairs if needed. The natural building's evolution led to the tearing down of the walls ("tabiques") in order to make room in the house that, by this time, was no longer a normal housing building. And so the restaurant was born.

One can still find traces of the old walls, old furniture that was kept there because of the lack of space in the other rooms, and different types of tables and chairs that tell us the story and evolution of this restaurant. There are also some remaining decorative items that gave a new ambiance to the new commercial usage of the building. On the tables there are tablecloths, hand-woollen napkins, ware and cutlery framed in wood and horn boxes.

In conclusion, one can find here everything that's part of the everyday life of a wealthy rural estate, alongside with the cultural and ethnographic concern which are the best complements to a hand produced banquet. As a gastronomy quality certificate, we would like to point out that our kitchen staff has a traditional upbringing thanks to many years' experience.

Starting as helpers alongside with their own parents in the villages festivities all over the island, they have been constantly adapting to our particular way of serving traditional cuisine. We think that since this Restaurant is a Gastronomic Centre for traditional cuisine, this is the best way to prepare and cook our grandparents' meals in the most traditional way.

This ethnographic house, where one can dine according to the traditional Azorean way, known as "Hammer's Farm Traditional Restaurant" has been awarded with several gastronomy prizes.

As examples, we would like to highlight: 1st prize in Soup & Starters category and 3rd in the fish category of the National Heritage Gastronomy contest. In the Azorean Gastronomy contest, our restaurant won the 1st and 2nd prizes, as well as several honourable mentions. After the Portuguese Government had classified the Portuguese gastronomy as Cultural Heritage, this estate's hard-work was finally recognized.
Therefore, it was awarded with a first prize on a national level contest. At the same time, this area serves as the reception for the rest of the estate's properties and services

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